About Us

Wine Country: Rise is an all volunteer collaboration between internationally recognized designer Craig Frazier and the Rebuild Wine Country team. Our team is comprised of passionate wine industry professionals who are proud to be united with a designer that shares our vision: to portray a visual message of hope and strength. 

Our purpose is simple: To publish and distribute a poster that expresses our common mission of optimism: to rise up and rebuild our precious and vital communities.

Join us by waving the 'Flag of Unity' proudly!

Email Us: contact@rebuildwinecountry.org

Call Us: (707) 681-5664


“To quote Van Jones, ‘Out of common pain comes common purpose.’ I think it's important to acknowledge that the force of nature that caused so much destruction is the same force that fuels a community to draw together and recover. It is the firm belief that out of the flames will come new life. It celebrates the power of the human spirit to turn water into wine. Hope is a powerful thing.”

—Craig Frazier